Saturday, 30 May 2015

Web for Pentester - File Inclusion

There are two types of File inclusion
Local and Remote

Example 1.

Below is an example of Local File Inclusion, Remote is also an option, however i will cover that in Example 2.

Example 2.

I decided to use a Pentest Monkey`s php reverse shell 

after a quick edit, it was good to go.

I used pythons inbuilt simplehttpserver hosting the script on my machine, and setup a simple netcat listener for it to connect back to.


Remote File Include, a php-reverse-shell which connected back to my netcat listener.

I wont cover escalating, that is for another day.
For now a foothold will suffice  =)

Thanks for reading.

Web for Pentester - Directory Traversal

There are 3 Examples to complete.

Viewing the Source shows these better.

1. No real issues.

2. A different approach, as the first method didnt work.


3. This was much harder, after trying a few options, i decided to employ DotDotPwn to find it.

 perl -m http-url -h -u -o unix -b -k root

Now to test it in a browser.

Further Reading can be found here:

Thanks for reading.

Web for Pentester VM - Pentesterlab

Web for Pentester


Pentesterlab Course link

This VM is a very nice collection of the different web vulnerabilities.


 The Pre-write up bit

Note: I dont do any of this for a living, and I dont claim to be all knowing.


Any finding`s will be very brief, and sometimes incomplete.

And of course, its gonna be back to front.

I`ll decide on formatting it later on, but at the moment, i cant be bothered =)


Directory Traversal 

Thursday, 7 May 2015